After NCLB: Real Solutions

Read the CSI/RFA statement about why it is time to listen to grassroots voices about the failed NCLB experiment and the real solutions that are needed now …

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The National Center for Fair and Open Testing


Welcome to, a website where you can keep tabs on what teachers, parents, school administrators and local leaders are saying about the implementation of the federal law governing our schools, the No Child Left Behind Act. At you can buy custom essay online that explores similar topics or focuses on themes that are related to this one.

With the demands mandated by No Child Left Behind, the climate for learning in our schools is worsening. Measuring failure rather than promoting success is transforming neighborhood schools into pressure cookers and is eroding the natural inquisitiveness of even our youngest children.

Most states, responding to Federal dictates, have developed single, high stakes tests to demonstrate accountability and improvement. But other states are demanding that policymakers take a new look at the No Child Left Behind legislation. Parents, teachers and community leaders are echoing that concern because they see that current policy is narrowing the curriculum and creating a punitive environment for kids rather than one that encourages teachers to respond to the individual learning needs of each child.

This website will be monitoring the growing chorus of voices of those people in our communities who believe that the No Child Left Behind Act, while well-intentioned, is wrong-headed policy that fails to offer our children real learning, our parents real accountability, and our teachers flexibility. Collectively, these voices make clear that the most far-reaching domestic legislation in 35 years is having profoundly negative effects on one of the most important pillars of our democracy – public education. is organized both by state and by issue so you can track the communities and issues you care about. We hope this website becomes a helpful tool for people who want a new conversation about how we can refocus educational policy on learning; one that is based on the premise that No Child is the Same. Doing so will help our children achieve high learning standards and acquire the skills needed to thrive in the 21st Century.

For more information on how you can lend your voice to the growing discussion about our nation's education policy, go to