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Read Civil Society Institute President Pam Solo’s thoughts about the failed NCLB experiment and the real solutions that are needed now …
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Wayne County School Board to protest the No Child Left Behin...
Goldsboro News-Argus
Disturbed by some of the results that a federal law is producing in Wayne County public schools, the school board has decided to lodge a protest.

The concern is that the federal No Child Left Behind law is causing more schools to be labeled as not meeting the standards.

The law targets up to 10 subgroups in a school to measure what it calls "adequate yearly progress." These range from measuring the school as a whole, to such subgroups as white students, black stud...
Taxpayer Billions Wasted on Education
Cybercast News Service
By Alan Caruba Commentary from the National Anxiety Center
August 03, 2004

If there is one problem that baffles and frustrates people who write to me, it is the state of education in America today.

Everybody, educators and parents alike, knows it continues to fail the millions of students who pass through kindergarten to twelfth grade, leaving too many without the skills of literacy and arithmetic/mathematics, as well as a decent knowledge...
Principals in AFSA Union Speak Out in New Study: No Child Le...
Business Wire
WASHINGTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 12, 2004--The No Child Left Behind act is having a profound and pronounced effect on which subjects are being taught in their schools, say members of the American Federation of School Administrators (AFSA), AFL-CIO in the findings reported in a recent survey.

The AFSA members surveyed work as principals in public schools in Chicago, New York, and Maryland. They participated in the first significant study of how the controversial federal law, the...
Growing Chorus Fights to Preserve Arts Education in Schools
[Deseret News (Salt Lake City)]

Arts educators cheered when the arts were declared a "core" academic subject under the No Child Left Behind education reform measure signed into law two years ago by President Bush.
Since then, however, those cheers have turned to consternation as arts educators have watched school districts around the nation cut classroom time and funding for art and music. School officials say they now need to focus most of their attention and money on rea...
Officials tweak school's military recruitment policy
The Boston Globe
August 3, 2004

BRATTLEBORO, Vt. --The high school board has changed slightly the school's policy on giving military recruiters access to information about students.

The board voted 8-1 Monday to send a reminder to students that they can opt out of a federal program that gives the military access to names, phone numbers and addresses for recruitment. The reminder will be sent to students and parents and published twice a year in the school's parent newsletter.
75 percent of Kentucky schools meet No Child Left Behind Law...
The Courier-Journal
By Nancy C. Rodriguez
[email protected]
The Courier-Journal

More than three quarters of Kentucky's public schools met reading and math goals required under the federal No Child Left Behind Law, based on preliminary results released today by the state Department of Education.

That's an improvement over last year, when just slightly more than 60 percent of schools met their goals.

Not all schools, however, maintained or impr...
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