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Third-grade students' scores are
Daily Southtown
Bass educators say focus on standardized tests make 'real learning' a rarity

By Linda Lutton
Staff writer

March 29, 11:15 a.m., Room 307
Debra Valenti's fifth-graders are sitting in small groups, writing persuasive letters to 17th Ward Ald. Latasha Thomas about the condition of their Englewood neighborhood.

Writing a persuasive essay is one of hundreds of "assessment objectives" for fifth grade. According to the state, assessment objec...
State fixes schools’
Honolulu Star-Bulletin
Third-grade students' scores are
adjusted in the standardized test

By Nelson Daranciang
[email protected]

The state Department of Education adjusted the scores of third-grade students who took statewide achievement tests earlier this year because of errors in two questions.

The questions were from different sections and were each worth up to three points out of 70, said Selvin Chin-Chance, head of the department's Test Develo...
Bleckley, Wilkinson lead midstate in 'adequate yearly progre...
Macon Telegraph
By Wayne Crenshaw

Telegraph Staff Writer

COCHRAN - When some people think of the second grade, they may remember finger painting and play time. But in the era of No Child Left Behind and its emphasis on test scores, that's not the case in Wendy Meadows' class.

"We don't have time to finger paint," the Bleckley County teacher said. "I wish we could finger paint."

The "all work and no play" approach is apparently getting results.
Oceanway Middle School Near Capacity
First Coast News
By Roger Weeder

JACKSONVILLE, FL -- Oceanway Middle School was expected to be popular but opening the new facility with 1,300 students was not expected. The school is attracting a high number of students transferring from failing schools and the State's "No Child Left Behind" program.

More than 300 students who normally would not attend Oceanway requested transfers to the school. That has Oceanway looking for seven more teachers. On the first day of classes on Monda...
A debate not left behind
Star Tribune
Rob Hotakainen
Star Tribune Washington Bureau Correspondent
Published August 3, 2004

SARASOTA, FLA. -- Five years after getting a D on Florida's school report card, Alta Vista Elementary School recorded an A this year, and Principal Constance White-Davis is ready to celebrate. She's throwing a lobster party on Friday.

"We finally got there," White-Davis said. "When I look at the test data, I feel good."

But there's a downside, too...
Master teachers don't need a map to find their way in educat...
The Arizona Republic
Aug. 3, 2004 12:00 AM

I was a "master teacher."

For years, I helped students explore the world of King Arthur, Beowulf and El Cid. I helped them travel back to lands of mystic America, Olympus, and Valhalla. I introduced them to people such as Mark Twain, Alexander Dumas, William Shakespeare, and Victor Hugo. I let them learn lessons from Macbeth, Victor Frankenstein, and Javert.

I helped students understand the Constitution, the Magna Carta and their...
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