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Narrowing of Curriculum
Giving more to the gifted
The Arizona Republic
Glendale district's program drawing praise

Monica Mendoza The Arizona Republic

In the heart of Glendale, a small, academically struggling school district is being hailed as a national model for how it educates its brightest students.

The Glendale Elementary School District has found a way to offer gifted education in a cost-effective way that serves more children, including non-English-speaking children, than ever before. Its method h...
Rhode Island Educators to Put Common-Curriculum Plan to Test
Black Enterprise Magazine
Source: Providence Journal

Nov. 8--Students are tested on the same material across the state. They are expected to know the same things in grades 3 through 8. So why shouldn't they be taught from a common curriculum?

By the fall of 2006, every school in the state will have the opportunity to base its instruction on a uniform, grade-specific learning plan. This does not mean that every public school will be using the same textbooks or that teachers can't pick and cho...
Preparation for writing tests to begin in kindergarten
Asheboro Courier Tribune
By Mary Anderson Staff Writer, The Courier-Tribune

TROY - Montgomery County teachers are writing a plan to take the anxiety out of the dreaded state-mandated writing tests in grades 4,7 and 10.

Starting next school year, writing sentences and paragraphs will begin in kindergarten and continue to build skills to high school graduation.

"We are going to stop the occurrence of our kids going to college and having to take remedial classes ...
Regents planning overhaul of fuzzy, boring math
Syracuse Post-Standard/Herald American/Herald-Journal
By MICHAEL GORMLEY The Associated Press

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — The state Board of Regents moved closer Thursday to overhauling how mathematics is taught to establish a clearer progression from pre-kindergarten through high school and better instill in students "the power, the beauty and the elegance of mathematics."

A report from a panel of math teachers, professors and education professionals was praised Thursday and will now face comment from schoo...
Low test scores = more math classes
Elk Grove Times

District 211 high school students will have to take more math classes beginning next fall.

The School Board unanimously approved on Oct. 28 the graduation requirement that all students, beginning with the class of 2008, successfully complete a 300-level course that covers concepts included in the Prairie State Achievement and ACT exams.

As a result, students will be required to take math classes in thei...
Middle school plans to improve, make the grade
Grand Coulee Star
By: Crysta Parkinson

Schools across the country struggling to meet the improvement requirements demanded by the No Child Left Behind Act are creating comprehensive plans to improve their schools and make sure their students make the grade.

Locally, a committee made up of ten members of the staff at Grand Coulee Dam Middle School finalized a School Improvement Plan for the middle school last month. The plan includes focused, student-centered goals they...
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