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Law Leaves Better Schools In Worse Spot
Washington Post
By Marc Fisher

Anthony Fears, principal of Anne Beers Elementary School in the Hillcrest section of Southeast Washington, should be the kind of school leader who swears by the No Child Left Behind revolution.

In each of the last three years, Fears's students have produced marked increases in math scores on the tests that determine whether their school is a success or failure in the eyes of the federal government. Reading scores at Beers have lagged, ...
Common sense left behind
The Tennessean

Good sense seems to have been left behind in a federal mandate to require all school districts to transfer students from poorly performing schools just two days before classes opened.

Metro schools need patience from the state and federal authorities behind the No Child Left Behind Act, but the law could use a makeover too if students are the casualties of a rigid policy.

No Child Left Behind has an admirable goal: Get children out of schools...
Here's a list of 'No Child Left Behind' law's substantial pr...
Portland Press Herald
MAINE VOICES: Joan Newkirk

A new school year is getting under way, along with the third anniversary of the federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act, also known as "No Child Left Behind."

Sadly, the anniversary of NCLB is no cause for celebration. Although NCLB has decidedly increased the burden on administrators and educators, students are most affected by its dire consequences. Here are the reasons why:

# NCLB reduces the experi...
Yankton School Board Sets Goals For 2004-2005
Yankton Press & Dakotan
By Rita Brhel [email protected]

Yankton School Board members approved 11 short-term and six long-term goals for the current school year during its monthly meeting Monday at the Yankton Middle School.

The list was the result of a community-wide goal-setting session held Aug. 30, during which teachers, school administrators, parents, business leaders and other community members offered comments and criticism of the local public school district.
Give students a voice in education debate
Huntsville Times
Monday, October 11, 2004
Huntsville Times

When people ask, "What's wrong with education today?" they often look to politicians, teachers and parents, but hardly ever to the people with the firsthand experience - the students.

So that's what I did.

High school students, it turns out, are brimming over with logical thoughts on what's wrong with education. Students have the potential to help solve problems that have lasted for generations. They j...
Study Reveals NCLB's Impact on the Classroom
T.H.E. Journal
The Civil Rights Project at Harvard University recently released the findings of its study on urban teachers' options of the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act. "Listening to Teachers: Classroom Realities and No Child Left Behind" surveyed close to 1.500 teachers, asking them to evaluate the theories at the heart of NCLB and its impact in the classroom. The findings show that while teachers agree with many of the law's goals, they also are concerned that aspects of its implementation may be negativ...
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