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Low-scorers have uphill fight
MSNBC (Local News)
As goals rise, meeting them becomes even more difficult

By Erinn Hutkin, [email protected] 10.30.04

USA - Amanda Searle speaks with big expressions, with wide eyes, with arms bent at her sides as she tells students to take deep breaths between exercises in math.

Inside her third-grade classroom at Art Haycox School, she writes "2,754" on the board. Sitting in chairs where book bags hang slumped, students write the num...
Educational Standards - A National Perspective
Black Enterprise Magazine
Source: Agricultural Education Magazine, The
Publication date: 2004-09-01
Arrival time: 2004-10-30

Public education is a State responsibility. Public Education also has a considerable amount of Federal interest. The Federal interest stems from the Federal responsibility to assure and support a civil society, a functioning democracy and a strong economy. As such, Federal policy has a heavy influence on State educational programs.

Today, educatio...
Good Intentions, Bad Results
Education Week
A Dozen Reasons Why the No Child Left Behind Act Is Failing Our Schools

By Robert J. Sternberg 10.27.04

Forcing upon schools standards dreamed up by politicians never has been, and never will be, the right way to create the best education for our children.

The federal No Child Left Behind Act mandates national testing in our nation’s schools in order to assess the quality of those schools. It was a well-intentioned piece of legislation passed by Cong...
District 11: No Child Left Behind Act inadequate
MN Sun- Brooklyn Center
By Karl Puckett Sun Newspapers

Frustration with a new testing system that measures how students are doing in class and a five-star rating system that gauges schools boiled over last Monday at a meeting of the Anoka-Hennepin School Board.

Superintendent Roger Giroux and board members criticized the federal No Child Behind Act, which requires that certain subgroups of kids make adequate yearly progress based on test scores in math and reading. They al...
Fuller's Work Touches Off Controversy
Education Week
By Debra Viadero 10.20.04

A University of California, Berkeley, researcher set off a political firestorm this month when he released an analysis casting doubt on the Bush administration’s contention that academic achievement is rising across the nation.

The U.S. Department of Education quickly enlisted 12 scholars and advocates to denounce the findings. The study was also disowned by Policy Analysis for California Education, or PACE, the respected think tank on who...
How No Child Left Behind Helps Principals
Washington Post
By Jay Mathews Washington Post Staff Writer

Washington Post Metro page columnist Marc Fisher last week used the stories of two excellent elementary schools to trash, once again, the No Child Left Behind Act. I was delighted to read his columns because they were not only well-written, but gave me a chance to expose, once again, Marc's ill-considered bias against giving kids standardized tests and making the results have some consequences for the school.

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