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In our view: Stop leaving children behind
Provo Daily Herald
The Daily Herald 11.6.04

The numbers are in for Utah's performance under the No Child Left Behind Law.
The good news is that more schools are demonstrating "adequate yearly progress" as defined by the law. The bad news is there also are schools that are still not doing so well.

Provo and Alpine school districts saw the number of schools passing the test increase, from 41 to 58 in Alpine, and 15 to 22 in Provo. Nebo School District dropped slightly, with only...
Some educators worry as school report cards come out
Grand Rapids Press
By Judy Putnam and Dave Murray The Grand Rapids Press

West Michigan educators say high- school report cards issued today by the state Education Department set districts up for failure instead of holding them accountable.

The report cards, due out today, are intended to focus attention on the academic progress of minorities, children with disabilities and other student groups.

Schools will be graded on an A, B, C, D-alert or unaccredite...
Schools need help fixing funding law
Philadelphia Inquirer
By Morton Sherman

Senate Bill 1701, which was enacted this summer with the state budget, significantly changes financing for public school districts in New Jersey. As approved, this legislation will have a tremendous negative impact on school districts throughout the state and provide very little real relief for property taxpayers.

No one likes escalating school taxes. Yet with increasing enrollment, aging facilities, and changing student needs, scho...
Some Children Are Left Behind
Cape May County Herald

COLD SPRING — Provisions of the federally mandated No Child Left Behind Act have resulted in failure to meet state proficiency goals for math and reading at several grade levels in Lower Township Elementary Schools.

At an Oct. 26 board of education meeting, Karen Buesing, the district’s new director of educational programs, presented results of the Quality Assurance Annual Report.

At Memorial School, a goal was set last ...
The Public's Take on Public Schools
Black Enterprise Magazine


The annual Gallup Poll about public schools signals that the public - and particularly, parents of public school students - shares the same concerns of many educators

There's no shortage of opinions about what our schools are doing right - and where they fall short. As a teacher, it can be tempting to close the door to your classroom, focus intently on your students and try your best to ignore the swirl o...
Not all of us are above average; that is way of life
Arizona Republic

It's too darned bad the No Child Left Behind Act cannot be applied to all other parts of life. I love the idea of declaring that everyone will rise to a high standard of sameness.

Let's see, all girls would have to be 5 feet 8 inches, weigh 130 pounds and have long, flowing blond hair and cornflower blue eyes. That would be the correct standard.

Anyone who did not meet this standard would need counseling and extra tutoring to learn how to grow...
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