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State school board hopes to alter No Child Left Behind requi...
The Salt Lake Tribune
By Ronnie Lynn The Salt Lake Tribune

The state school board will ask federal officials for permission to follow Utah's accountability standards - not standards established under the federal No Child Left Behind law. At you can find additional documents that explain this law in detail.

This, the board believes, would accomplish three objectives:
* Restore state policy as the gold standard for school performance.
* Keep Utah in compliance with federal law.
* Retain for the state the $107 mil...
No Child Left Behind - take two
The Roanoke Times

If the goal is to help public education, the federal school accountability program needs retooling.

We believe in setting accountability standards for public schools and sticking to them. Virginia's Standards of Learning, for example, have been useful tools for identifying academic achievement gaps among schools, with an eye toward closing the gaps - not closing the schools.

Then there is the federal No Child Left Behind Act. This landmark leg...
16 schools on hot seat
Salt Lake City Deseret News
It's no picnic getting off the 'improvement' list

By Tiffany Erickson and Jennifer Toomer-Cook Deseret Morning News

Teachers are kicking up their heels at Parkview Elementary in Salt Lake City.

They're getting used to a new principal hired to turn around San Juan County's Whitehorse High.

And they're feeling the full force of No Child Left Behind's stick for the first time in four Davis County schools.

In ...
NCLB rankings seen not true image of schools
Middletown Press
By SZYMON TWAROG, The Herald Press

MIDDLETOWN -- Despite having four schools in her district identified as not making enough progress in meeting the standards of the No Child Left Behind Act, Superintendent of Middletown Schools Carol Parmelee-Blancato is not overly concerned about the quality of education in her district.

"It really doesn’t reflect the quality of our schools," said Parmelee-Blancato. "In the elementary schools we are only talking ...
Parents play huge part in school success
Ontario Inland Valley Bulletin

It’s worth noticing when a school’s Academic Performance Index scores shoot up more than 200 points over three years. That’s what Lincoln Elementary School in the Pomona Unified School District has accomplished under Principal Jorge Amancio, who took over in the fall of 2001.

As with most complex events, there are any number of factors that had to come together to forge such an improvement. Amancio is sophisticated enough not to want to attribute the turnaro...
Utah seeking to change ed rule
Salt Lake City Deseret News
By Jennifer Toomer-Cook Deseret Morning News

The state school board wants to meet federal No Child Left Behind rules in its own way and have the law changed so it's more realistic.

The State Board of Education on Friday voted to ask the U.S. Department of Education to let it use the Utah Performance Assessment System for Students (U-PASS) to judge whether or not schools are up to snuff. It joins 13 other states seeking the same right, State Superinte...
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