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Schools improve WASL scores
Mid-Columbia Tri-City Herald
This story was published Thursday, September 2nd, 2004

By Brent Champaco Herald staff writer

To most, this year's Washington Assessment of Student Learning scores are just one measurement to track student achievement.

To teachers and staff at Eastgate Elementary School, the numbers represent a commitment to improve. When the state released WASL scores Wednesday, the Kennewick school was one of eight that state Superintendent Terry Bergeson recognize...
Renton school falls short
Seattle Post-Intellingencer
September 2, 2004

The annual enrollment shuffle could be more challenging than usual this year for the 13,000-student Renton School District.

One district school failed to meet standards under the federal No Child Left Behind Act for two consecutive years, triggering the requirement that its students be offered tutoring or enrollment at another school.

Parents of Dimmitt Middle School...
Renovation Complications
Hartford Courant
Officials Debate School Options

September 2, 2004
By JIM FARRELL, Courant Staff Writer

MANCHESTER -- As elected officials continue to debate the fate of Bennet Middle School, the district's interim superintendent said Wednesday that the issue of so-called "swing space" is more complicated than most people think.

"There are no easy answers," Anne Marie Mistretta said of the challenge that would be posed if Bennet were closed for renovation and...
Racial gap closing in test scores
Mobile Register
Stanford results improving for black students; they're still below U.S. averages

Thursday, September 02, 2004
Staff Reporter

The latest standardized test scores indicate that the achievement gap between black and white students may be slowly shrinking in Mobile County.

The State Department of Education released scores from the Stanford Achievement Test this week, broken down by race, gender, economic background and oth...
Project to help assess students' education progress
Provo Daily Herald
September 2, 2004

Now that the parameters for No Child Left Behind have been set in Utah, the Utah Office of Education is calling in the ranks to finish its own student assessment and accountability project, U-PASS, which was started in 2000.

"One of the problems we had with the new federal law was that it usurped state planning and resources," said Patti Harrington, the Utah state superintendent, who lives in Orem. "Now we will go ba...
NCLB act needs to be reworked, reformed
Lake County Leader
Posted: Wednesday, Sep 01, 2004 - 03:46:06 pm PDT
by Cristina Aguilar
Interim editor

As kids brace themselves for another school year, more than 25 states are in the middle of lawsuits protesting the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) a federal mandate initiated in 2001 by the present administration.

Initially the NCLB act was presented to make teachers and schools more accountable on holding all students to the same academic standards by 2014.
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