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Standardized Tests
'Teaching to the test' isn't working
The Providence Journal

The Rhode Island Department of Education recently released rankings for the state's middle schools. In Providence, this disturbing news has caused some school administrators to bang their heads and, in some instances, wring their hands in disbelief and frustration. They are trying to figure out what went wrong and why did the number of schools facing sanction and corrective action dramatically increase in the city of Providence.

NCLB Law Bestows Bounty on Test Industry
Education Week
By Lynn Olson

The No Child Left Behind Act has spawned new opportunities—and challenges—for an increasingly diverse testing industry.

With all of the federal law’s testing requirements, the Government Accountability Office estimates that states will have to spend between $1.9 billion and $5.3 billion in the next six years, depending on the types of tests used.

That prospect has led to new openings both for traditional test publishers—li...
Learing the lessons of failed student testing
The Oregonian

A s a professional in the field of educational testing, I have reached the end of my rope when it comes to the obsession we have with standardized testing in our schools.

I'm not opposed to this testing if it's used correctly, but we've reached new levels of absurdity. We have been carrying out this obsessive testing ritual at several levels over the decades: ranking states on SAT scores, statewide tests, national assessments, international assessments, all...
Home-schoolers may face new standardized test
A state plan to crack down on school districts that receive money for home schooling could require hundreds of students to take a standardized test.BEND, Ore. (AP) -

The Oregon Department of Education policy change will require home-schooled students to take the Oregon Statewide Assessment test if they receive tutoring or take special classes in reading and literature, math or science that are paid for by public schools.

Children schooled at home already must take a...
State seeks to blend school reforms
Stateman Journal
Oregon wants a single measure of school progress to avoid confusion

BY JULIA SILVERMAN The Associated Press

November 26, 2004

PORTLAND -- For the second time in as many years, Oregon education officials plan to seek changes in how the Bush administration's centerpiece education law affects the state's schools.

Oregon officials tried in 2003 to petition for more flexibility of the act, called No Child Left Behind. But they got nowhere w...
Schools stumped over contradictory testing regulations
San Antonio Express-News

By LIZ AUSTIN / Associated Press

State and federal laws on how to test special education students are on a collision course in Texas, stumping school leaders who must meet contradictory demands and parents who want to know how well schools are performing.

About 9 percent of the nearly 2.9 million Texas children in the third through eleventh grades were given an alternate test to the more rigorous Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills, k...
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