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Federal Intrusion in Education Policy
Reading More Into First Grade
Washington Post
Push for Early Literacy and Requirements of Standardized Tests Change Approach to 6-Year-Olds

By Jay Mathews Washington Post Staff Writer

One in a series of occasional articles about the grades that provide the building blocks of a child's education.

One of the Campbell Elementary School first-graders in Room 154, a determined child named Austin, pulled a jumbled collection of small square cards from a pink plastic envelope and dumped...
Civil rights deserve president's defense
Kansas City Star
Are civil rights important to the Bush administration?

If you listen to administration spokesmen, few things are more vital. But actions tell a different story. The administration has quietly undermined much of its bold talk.

The latest evidence comes in a study released last week on federal civil rights cases prosecuted since Bush took office. The study found that although the number of civil rights complaints received by the Department of Justice h...
Effort to reform No Child Left Behind Act a good start
Staff 11/16/2004

Last week, a group of state lawmakers on the House Education Committee considered a bill that would have declared Virginia free of several requirements of the federal No Child Left Behind Act, President Bush's controversial education law.

Concerned that passage of the bill might cost the state millions in federal education money, 11 of 17 lawmakers opted to put any potential reform on ice for at least another year.

That's too bad.
Delegate: Teachers should fix law
The Daily Press
Phil Hamilton says the General Assembly has no authority to request changes to the federal No Child Left Behind act.


Published November 13, 2004

NEWPORT NEWS -- Virginia educators who see problems with the federal No Child Left Behind law have more power than the General Assembly to fix them, Del. Phil Hamilton said.

Hamilton, R-Newport News, e-mailed a letter to Gov. Mark R. Warner a day after voting against a bill t...
Law that aims to improve education really strips local contr...
The Daily Herald
Daily Herald Reports 10/8/2004

You probably assume that because virtually all of a school district's budget comes from local property taxes, your locally elected officials are the primary source of education policy.

This assumption would be wrong.

Recently, the federal No Child Left Behind Act has forced policy changes on local school districts, in many cases with absurd results.

The Daily Herald recently published a preliminary list o...
Wider Gap Found Between Wealthy and Poor Schools
New York Times

After narrowing in better economic times, the financial gap between poor and wealthy school districts has widened, a new report has found.

State and local money account for more than 90 percent of all education spending, but high poverty districts typically received $868 less per student from those sources than their counterparts with relatively few poor children did in 2002, the latest year for which data is available, the report found...
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