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Read the CSI/RFA statement about why it is time to listen to grassroots voices about the failed NCLB experiment and the real solutions that are needed now …

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Welcome to , a website to monitor how communities across the nation are meeting the challenges of the No Child Left Behind Act, our country's far-reaching federal law on K-12 education.

On January 8, 2002 , President George Bush signed into law the No Child Left Behind Act, expanding the federal government's role in education with mandates that every public school be assessed by uniform testing standards. While the law's goals of improved student achievement and school accountability have been embraced by many, there is growing concern that NCLB's implementation and its emphasis on labeling schools as failures undermine children's learning and weaken local control of schools.

Our goal at is to capture the sentiments of the growing concern by tracking news articles from every state on how their communities are faring under the No Child Left Behind Act. We will also highlight articles on some of the law's key controversial issues, including the Federal role in Education Policy, the Narrowing of Curriculum, Teacher Flexibility, Class Size, Funding Burden, and Standardized Tests.